Dignity Coconuts Reband
For this project, we were asked to do a redesign of a brand of our choosing. With Dignity Coconuts, I wanted explore ways to give customers packaging that was sustainable and sophisticated enough that they would want to keep it.
Dignity Coconuts is a company that takes pride in transforming communities with coconuts. Dignity Coconuts has several locations across the world where poverty is present and provides jobs for locals to make products from local coconuts. 
I loved the idea that Dignity Coconuts uses 100% of the coconut for their products. I wanted to incorporate the idea of using coconut husk for the filling in the packaging and to gift handmade bracelets made by the locals of the area. 
A little coconut oil goes a long ways and is used for many purposes. The three small jars of coconut oil allow customers to place place them in different areas of the home to fulfill these purposes. 
The following is a link to my process book:
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