Gee-Haw Toy
A Gee Haw is a traditional wooden problem solving toy. Somehow, magically, when you say "gee," the propeller will move in one direction and when you say "ha" it will move in the opposite direction. 
These toys are generally made of wood. Vibrations from the sticks rubbing together (along with saying the magic words) move the propeller in different directions. This functioning prototype is made of illustration board, a push pin and adhesive. 
After so many prototypes, I didn't think this would be functional/possible. But somehow, after countless prototypes, I was able to make the deadline and have a functioning Gee-Haw! 
This would make my grandpa proud. <3 After all, he is the one that introduced me to this toy and carved them from scratch. 
This is the project that really made me think of getting an education in Industrial Design. Years after creating the project, I pursued my masters in Industrial Design and continue to enjoy the trial/error of designing products. 
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