Theo Baird | Senior System Developer at Alaska Airlines
Having the right team is critical to the success of any project. As a developer, I rely on a product designer to create User Interface layouts. As a Product designer, she is able to work with business and technical groups by understanding everyone needs then proposing designs that fit. The designs are intuitive to the users. When the team meets to review her designs, it improves code estimation and identifies specification issues. I find her easy to communicate with and enjoy working with her.

Derek Chan | Software Development Manager at Alaska Airlines 
Jeanée is a well-rounded Product Designer. She is proficient in user research, interactive design, visual design and product design. We’ve worked together for almost 2 years and she has amazed me with her ability to pick up projects quickly. 

My team has a lot of products, including native mobile apps, responsive mobile web and a back office web application. Jeanée was able to support all of them, designing high quality user centric solutions for our users. Jeanée has taken the responsibilities of our previous senior UX designer over the past year. She works closely with the engineering and product team. She knows how to manage the relationship between developers, end users and product owner. 

We also participated in a Hackathon as a team in 2019. She has helped us in finding the right balance between usability and innovation. She also has a very energetic and positive personality, which makes everybody love working with her.​​​​​​

Kevin Krupp | Agile Coach & Scrum Master at Alaska Airlines
Jeanée acted as the lead UI/UX designer for 2 teams I worked with at Alaska Airlines: Employee Travel and an experimental AR mobile application team. As a designer embedded within an agile software development team, Jeanee has embraced The Lean Startup’s spirit of hypothesize-build-test-learn, building design prototypes to quickly get feedback from stakeholders and collaborating with the development team on how to incrementally deliver value while still standing by core design principles. Jeanee’s work has drastically simplified the end- and administrative-user experience, eliminating two administrative processes and cutting down another from 22 clicks to 3.

Brian Minnis | Senior System Analyst at Alaska Airlines
Jeanée has been working as our Product Designer for almost two years. Her design work, has included close collaboration with our product owner, the development team and the end-users. I've seen her convert often vague requests into clean, appealing interfaces that integrate with existing and new business-processes. Jeanée is highly collaborative, a superb listener, and insightful, while simultaneously seeking continuous feedback from both users and the development team. Her initiative and contributions in my work with her allowed us to replace an old back office website and release the core of an appealing new web app. I wouldn't hesitate a moment to work with her again, given future opportunity. I'm confident that Jeanée will fit in well for future jobs on the basis of her creativity, thoroughness, and terrific interpersonal skills.

Elliot Sweet | UX Designer at Indeed

Over the course of more than 4 years and two Universities together, Jeanée and I worked collaboratively on multiple projects and I was able to see first-hand her dedication, thirst for knowledge, and unwavering craftsmanship in her work. I've never known anyone who worked so hard to find the absolute best design solution to a given problem. 

Regardless of the realm in which she is tasked to work - Graphic, Interactive, or Industrial Design - Jeanee consistently gives her all to every project and dedicates to herself to both innovation and the highest caliber of final deliverables. You'd be hard pressed to find someone more skilled in listening to and understanding a project's needs without letting her own ego or preconceived design directions interfere with the project's destination.

Absolutely a humble, compassionate, and honest designer with tremendous skill in a wide variety of fields.

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