Elliot Sweet | UX Designer at Indeed
Over the course of more than 4 years and two Universities together, Jeanee and I worked collaboratively on multiple projects and I was able to see first-hand her dedication, thirst for knowledge, and unwavering craftsmanship in her work. I've never known anyone who worked so hard to find the absolute best design solution to a given problem. 

Regardless of the realm in which she is tasked to work - Graphic, Interactive, or Industrial Design - Jeanee consistently gives her all to every project and dedicates to herself to both innovation and the highest caliber of final deliverables. You'd be hard pressed to find someone more skilled in listening to and understanding a project's needs without letting her own ego or preconceived design directions interfere with the project's destination.

Absolutely a humble, compassionate, and honest designer with tremendous skill in a wide variety of fields.

Eric Schneider | Visiting Assistant Professor at Philadelphia University
It was a pleasure to have Jeanee as my student at Philadelphia University. She works extremely hard, and never settles for the easy solution or for less than her best effort. During the two years that I worked with her, first as her teacher and then as an advisor, I was impressed with her creativity, analytical ability, aesthetic sensibility, and willingness to break new ground. I also always found her both hungry for and receptive to feedback and criticism, something that one doesn't always see in design students. I think she would make a great addition to a design team, particularly one in which her multidisciplinary background would be engaged.​​​​​​​
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